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Soybean oil, popcorn,​ flavor extracts, sugar, corn paste.

Be mindful of un-popped kernels.

May also contain: dairy, flour, assorted nuts, spices, artificial colors and flavors.


Online Orders

Packaged Popcorn List :

Cellophane (included in price): 3-4 day shelf life

Heat Sealed ZipLock-style bags ($1.00 up-charge): 3-4 week shelf life


10-15 ounce bag* - $2.25 (heat sealed bag)

Orders over 50-count: $2.00/ea 


20-25 ounce bag* - $5.00 (heat sealed bag)

Super-sized bag (Movie Butter ONLY) - $25.00 (feeds 40+ people)


$ 10.00 Delivery Fee

*Exact weight varies depending on popcorn flavor choice & ingredients used

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